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Oui Oui
Dugee F. Buller — Oui Oui
Release date : Apr. 06, 2010
Label : LFE
  1. Intro
  2. Look What I Did
  3. Roll With Me (feat. Ed Smack)
  4. Be Mine
  5. Heaven
  6. Hell
  7. LFE Anthem
  8. Pioneer Amp
  9. Boomin
  10. Whats Up
  11. Shawty Cant
  12. Pep Talk
  13. Bad Brown
  14. To Be Yours
  15. Turn That Bamma Shyt Down
  16. Happy
  17. You Know Me
  18. Striving Surviving
  19. Making Flips
  20. Drug Flow
  21. Beat It Up (prod. by Hype)
  22. Comcast
  23. The Credits


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The new installment to the already deep catalog of Dugee F. Buller. This mixtape, mixed by DJ Nominal, is a prequel to the upcoming EP and you will see the connection very soon. This time around dugee sought out some DMV familiars to help him accomplish this mixtape.