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Overdue and Underrated Mixtape
Wordsmith — Overdue and Underrated Mixtape
Release date : Dec. 07, 2009
Label : Nu Revolution LLC
  1. Overdue & Underrated Intro
  2. Twilight of My Arrival (prod. by Street Level)
  3. The Great (prod. by Street Level)
  4. Season of tha MC (prod. by Street Level)
  5. Half Bar Half Amazing (prod. by Strada)
  6. Baltimore Nights (feat. Kontact, Black Knight, Gripz, Greenspan, E-Major, & Sean Toure)
  7. Ladder of Success (feat. Kontact, Black Knight, Junclassic, Ra The MC​,​ & Soulstice)
  8. Braggin Rights (prod. by Rafpak)
  9. Block Banger (prod. by Capish)
  10. Beast in the Trunk (feat. Kontact, Black Knight, Ruste Juxx, & V-Stylez)
  11. You Never Know (feat. Kontact, BK, RhymeZwell, Whitefolkz, Reub, Fred Knuxx, Philly Swain, & Jakk Frost)
  12. Standing Ovation (feat. Kontact & Black Knight)
  13. Race Against Time (feat. Sonix)
  14. Icy Hot (feat. Cherri)
  15. The Vintage Spot (prod. by Strada)
  16. After Hours Rendezvous (prod. by Strada)
  17. Shades of Seduction-Music for the Mood (prod. by Professa)
  18. Old 2 The New Remix (feat. Chubb Rock)
  19. How Ya Like Me Now (feat. DJ King Assassin)
  20. The Rave (prod. by Professa)


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After countless leaks, Wordsmith is finally ready to reveal his latest mixtape mixed by DJ Nominal and DK Ykcor. Presented by your favorite dopeboyz on the internets, Frostwire & Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes. With features from Soulstice, Ruse Juxx, Chubb Rock, Jakk Frost, Fred Knuxx, Kontact & Black Knight, RAtheMC, etc; and production from Strada, Judah, Capish, Street Level and more.